Content of the CDM-PDD

The project design document for large-scale projects (CDM-PDD) is divided into 5 sections:

This generally accords with the information required by 3/CMP.1, Annex, Appendix B to be included in a project design document.  This section follows the structure of the CDM-PDD, but the decisions in Appendix B are also extracted underneath the relevant sections below.

The latest version of the CDM-PDD (Version 3) can be downloaded here.

The Executive Board adopted Guidelines for completing the CDM-PDD at EB 41, Annex 12.  This annex  replaced earlier (published) guidelines at EB 25, Annex 16, EB 19, Annex 14 and EB 14, Annex 6.

Attachments to the CDM-PDD

The CDM-PDD must attach:

  • Annex I - Contact information on participants in the project activity;
  • Annex 2 - Information on public funding;
  • Annex 3 - Baseline information; and
  • Annex 4 - Monitoring information.

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