Technology transfer

The CDM facilitates the transfer of technology from Annex I Parties to non-Annex I host Parties. The transfer of environmentally safe and sound technology and know-how is one of the core objectives of the CDM, as stated by the Conference of the Parties:

The Conference of the Parties:

Further emphasizing that clean development mechanism project activities should lead to the transfer of environmentally safe and sound technology and know-how in addition to that required under Article 3, paragraph 5 of the Convention and Article 10 of the Kyoto Protocol (17/CP.7, preamble).

Project participants are required to describe in the project design document (PDD) how technology will be transferred:

A project activity shall be described in detail taking into account the provisions of the annex on modalities and procedures for a CDM, in particular, section G on validation and registration and section H on monitoring, in a project design document which shall include the following:

  1. A description of the project comprising the project purpose, a technical description of the project, including how technology will be transferred, if any, and a description and justification of the project boundary (4/CMP.1, Annex, Appendix B, paragraph 2).

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