Relevant rules/decisions

3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraphs 28-30 sets out the eligibility requirements for participation.

4/CMP.1, Annex II, paragraph 11 provides that the participation requirements apply equally to small-scale projects.

3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 33 provides that authorising parties remain responsible for fulfilling emission reduction obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and must ensure that the entities' participation complies with the rules.

2/CMP.1 sets out that Annex I Parties must also fulfil the methodological and reporting obligations in order to participate.

2/CMP.1, paragraph 5 provides that satisfaction of requirements, and eligibility will be determined by the enforcement branch of the Compliance Committee.

3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 23(a) provides that letters of approval are a requirement for validation and registration of the project.

3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 31 sets out the separate eligibility requirements to use certified emission reductions (CERs) to meet quantified emission limitation and reduction commitments.

3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 32(a) confirms that an Annex I Party will be considered to have met the requirements when 16 months have elapsed since the submission of its national inventory report, with no objections raised to the contents of the report.

3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 32(b) confirms that an Annex I Party will continue to be eligible to use CERs towards its emissions target unless the enforcement branch of the Compliance Committee decides to suspend its eligibility.

3/CMP.1, paragraph 33 provides that entities authorised by a Party to participate will only be able to receive certified emission reductions (CERs) if the authorising Party meets all eligibility requirements at the time of providing the authorisation.

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