Requirements for bundling

The key requirements for bundled projects (Principles for bundling) were clarified by the Executive Board at EB 21, Annex 21 and reiterated at EB 34, Annex 10 (Guidelines for completing the form for submission of bundled small-scale CDM project activities (F-CDM-SSC-BUNDLE) (the first half of this document contains general guidance on bundling, not limited to small-scale projects). 

These principles apply to bundles of large-scale projects as well as small-scale projects.

General requirements for bundling

Project activities wishing to be bundled must indicate this at the registration stage:

Project activities wishing to be bundled shall indicate this when making the request for registration (EB 21, Annex 21, paragraph 5(a)).

All project activities to be included in a bundle must be submitted at the same time, and project activities cannot be withdrawn or added:

The composition of bundles shall not change over time (i.e. the submission of project activities to be used in a bundle shall be made at the same time. A project activity shall not be taken out of a bundle nor shall a project activity be added to the bundle after registration) (EB 21, Annex 21, paragraph 5(c)).

Furthermore, once projects are bundled, they cannot be debundled except in exceptional circumstances:

Once a project activity becomes part of a bundle for a project cycle stage, it shall not be de-bundled for this stage. The Board may consider debundling in exceptional situations (EB 21, Annex 21, paragraph 5(b).

Project activities within a single bundle must have the same crediting period (length and start date):

All project activities in the bundle shall have the same crediting period (i.e. the same length and same starting date of the crediting period) (EB 21, Annex 21, paragraph 5(d)).

A request for registration must contain a form with information related to the bundle:

The form should cover issues such as title of the bundle, general description, project participants, locations, types and categories, estimated amount of emission reduction, crediting period and monitoring plans (EB 21, Annex 21, paragraph (f).

Bundled small-scale projects use the form F-CDM-SSC-BUNDLE.  There is no corresponding form for bundles of large-scale projects, but presumably F-CDM-SSC-BUNDLE can be adapted until the Executive Board provides the relevant form.

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