Paragraph 9

Participation under the clean development mechanism, including in activities mentioned in paragraph 3(a) above and in the acquisition of certified emission reductions, may involve private and/or public entities, and is to be subject to whatever guidance may be provided by the executive board of the clean development mechanism.

Public and private entities may be authorised by Parties to the Kyoto Protocol to participate in the CDM. However, a Party that authorises a public or private entity to participate remains responsible for fulfilment of its emission reduction and other obligations, and must ensure that the participation of project participants is in accordance with the rules.

The Executive Board has provided guidance on the participation of public and private entities in CDM projects, including in relation to:

  • the process for registration of project activities;
  • the process for submission and consideration of new methodologies by project participants, and the submission of requests for clarifications, revisions, consolidations and deviations from approved methodologies;
  • the process for issuance and forwarding of CERs to project participants;
  • the content of the project design document (PDD) that must be submitted to the designated operational entity (DOE) for validation and subsequently forwarded to the Executive Board as part of the request for registration (including the CDM Glossary of Terms, setting out the meaning of words and phrases used in the PDD); and
  • the rights of project participants to receive CERs and communicate with the Executive Board, the CDM registry administrator and the UNFCCC Secretariat, and the procedure for execution and registration of a modalities of communication nominating one or more project participants as the focal point for communications.


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