Monitoring report

Prior to issuance, the project participants of a CDM project activity must prepare a monitoring report which complies with the CDM Project Standard. (CDM Project Cycle Procedure, paragraph 176)

This monitoring report is to be submitted to the designated operational entity (DOE) engaged to conduct verification and certification of the emission reductions from the project:

The project participants shall provide to the designated operational entity, contracted by the project participants to perform the verification, a monitoring report in accordance with the registered monitoring plan set out in paragraph 53 above for the purpose of verification and certification (3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 60).

The monitoring report is to be accompanied by supporting documentation which includes information and documentation necessary to demonstrate the project activities compliance with all applicable requirements of the CDM rules. (CDM Project Standard, paragraph 201)

The Guidelines for completing the Monitoring Report Form (CDM-MR) (Version 3.2) (EB 54, Annex 34) confirms this:

If the project participants wish to submit a project activity for verification and issuance, they shall submit a fully completed CDM-MR. (EB 54, Annex 34, paragraph 2)

The monitoring report must be made publically available by the DOE 14 days prior to undertaking the site-visit for the verification. (CDM Project Cycle Procedure, paragraph 177)

The Executive Board has clarified that emissions data obtained through monitoring must be contained in the monitoring report that is provided to the DOE, and must then be submitted to the UNFCCC Secretariat in a format which facilitates assessment:

DOEs shall ensure that all of the monitoring parameters required by the registered monitoring plan are reported by the project participants at the intervals required by the registered monitoring plan. Project participants are advised that data should be contained in the monitoring report before a request for issuance is made to a DOE, and submitted to the secretariat in a format which allows for assessment by the RIT member appointed to conduct the appraisal (EB 26, paragraph 109(a)).

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