Project boundary (A/R, SSC A/R, A/R CPA and SSC A/R CPA)

The project boundary for afforestation and reforestation (A/R) projects, small-scale A/R (SSC A/R) projects, A/R CDM programme activities (A/R CPAs) within a programme of activities (PoA) and small-scale A/R CPAs (SSC A/R CPAs) is defined as follows:

The "project boundary" geographically delineates the afforestation or reforestation project activity under the control of the project participants.  The project activity may contain more than one discrete area of land (5/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 1(b)).

In the case that the project boundary contains more that one area of land, each area should be clearly identified:

If an A/R CDM project activity contains more than one discrete area of land:

  • Each discrete area of land should have a unique geographical identification;
  • The boundary should be defined for each discrete area and should not include the areas in between these discrete areas of land (CDM Glossary of Terms Version 03).

Guidance on the application of the definition of project boundary to A/R CDM is set out in EB 44, Annex 16. It provides the option for fixing the project boundary at the first verification. This allows for more flexibility in delineation of areas of land at registration of the A/R CDM project activity. 

For all areas of land for which control over the A/R CDM project activity has not yet been established at validation, evidence of control shall at the latest be available by the time of the first verification. (EB  44, Annex 16, paragraph 4)


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