Project boundary (SSC and SSC CPA)

The project boundary for small-scale project activities and small-scale CDM programme activities (SSC CPA) within a programme of activities (PoA) is defined in as follows:

The project boundary shall encompass all anthropogenic emissions by sources of greenhouse gases under the control of the project participants that are significant and reasonably attributable to the small-scale CDM project activity, in accordance with the provisions of appendix B for the relevant project category (4/CMP.1, Annex II, paragraph 31; CDM Glossary of Terms Version 03).

The project boundary is delineated by the physical boundaries of the project activity:

The boundary boundary shall be limited to the physical project activity.  Project activities that displace energy supplied by external sources shall earn certified emission reductions (CERs) for the emission reductions associated with the reduced supply of energy by those external sources (CDM Glossary of Terms, Version 03).

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