Duration of the Programme of Activities

The duration of a Programme of Activities (PoA) is defined by the coordinating/managing entity (CME) in the PoA Design Document (CDM-POA-DD) and can be anywhere up to 28 years for general PoAs, and 60 years for afforestation and reforestation (A/R) PoAs. The normal 28 year duration represents an initial 7 year crediting period which may be renewed 3 times.

The start date of a PoA is either of the following dates:

(a)   The date of notification of the intention to seek the CDM status by the coordinating/managing entity to the secretariat and the DNA; or

(b)  The date of publication of the PoA-DD for global stakeholder consultation. (EB 70, Annex 2, paragraph 159)

A component project activity (CPA) may be added at any time:

A CPA can be included in a registered PoA at any time during the duration of the PoA. (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 22)

The starting date and expected operational lifetime of an individual CPA is determined by the CME, which shall also provide an explanation for how the start date was determined. The start date of a CPA is the earliest date at which either the implementation or construction of real action of the CPA begins, but it must be on or after the start date of the PoA (EB 70, Annex 2, paragraph 161).

The crediting period of a CPA will either be a maximum of seven years (20 years for A/R project activities) which may be renewed at most two times or a maximum of 10 years (30 years for A/R project activities) with no option of renewal. However, the duration of the crediting period of any CPA shall be limited to the end date of the PoA regardless of when the CPA was added (CDM Glossary v.6).

The start date of the crediting period of a CPA shall be on or after:

a)    The date of registration of the PoA, if the corresponding CPA-DD is submitted together with the request for registration;

b)    The date of approval of the corresponding specific case CPA-DD, if the specific case CPA-DD is submitted for approval by the Executive Board;

c)    The date when the CPA was included in accordance with the Project cycle procedure (EB 70, Annex 2, paragraph 163).

The latest version of the Procedures for Renewal of a Crediting Period of a Registered CDM project activity shall be applied, mutatis mutandis, to a PoA every seven years (every 20 years for A/R project activities) from the start date of the crediting period, with the following exceptions:

1.     Instead of preparing a revised version of the CDM-PDD, the coordinating/managing entity shall prepare:

(a)   a new completed CDM-POA-DD

(b)  a new version of the POA specific CDM-CPA-DD.

2.     If the version of the PoA has been revised in accordance with paragraph 19 [of EB 55, Annex 38] the renewal shall occur seven years (or 20 years for A/R project activities) after the approval of the revised version. (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 28)

Any resulting change to the PoA shall be applied by each CPA at the time of the first renewal of its crediting period after such a change to the PoA (CDM Glossary v.6).


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