What is forwarding?

Forwarding of CERs is the process by which the CDM registry administrator transfers CERs from the Executive Board's pending account into the accounts of Parties involved and project participants, as well as to the accounts in the CDM registry relating to the Share of Proceeds.

For a Programme of Activities (PoA), the coordinating/managing entity is required to submit the request for forwarding:

The coordinating/managing entity shall submit a request for forwarding of CERs issued in accordance with the modalities of communication as agreed between project participants (EB 32, Annex 39, paragraph 23).

The UNFCCC Secretariat has confirmed that CERs may be forwarded to accounts held by project participants in the national registry of the Annex I country that authorised their participation in the CDM project (or their temporary holding account in the CDM registry, prior to the international transaction log being operational). Alternatively, CERs may be issued to a Permanent Holding Account set up by a project participant registered in a CDM project activity with authorisation from a Non-Annex 1 Party. Units being held in a Permanent Holding Account can only be forwarded to the holding accounts of entities registered as participants in the CDM project activities that originated those units and with an authorisation from an Annex 1 Party.

It is not possible for CERs to be forwarded from the CDM registry to an account in the national registry of an Annex I Party that did not provide the Annex I approval.


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