Voluntary cancellation

At EB 69, the Executive Board agreed upon the Procedure for Implementing Voluntary Cancellation in the CDM Registry to allow project participants to voluntarily cancel CERs within the CDM Registry on the behalf of themselves or a third party.

The CDM registry administrator will open and maintain a designated account, the Voluntary Cancellation Account (VCA), in the CDM registry for the purpose of voluntary cancellation by project participants.

Project participants may request cancellation of CERs available to them in the pending account or in holding accounts in the CDM registry as a voluntary action on their own behalf or on behalf of third parties. This is done by requesting cancellation of CERs for voluntary purposes by submitting the F-CDM-FWD form (certified emission reductions forwarding request form) and by selecting the VCA as the acquiring account.

Once the CDM registry administrator has processed the CER cancellation in accordance with the project participant's request, it will issue an attestation of cancellation to the project participant that will indicate the serial numbers of the cancelled CERs and the purpose and/or the beneficiary of the cancellation (if provided by the project participant). If the purpose and the beneficiary of the cancellation are not indicated in the F-CDM-FWD form, the attestation of cancellation will indicate that the CERs are cancelled for the originating CDM activity.

Any information, with regard to CERs available for voluntary cancellation, submitted by project participants to the secretariat is published and made publicly available in the CDM registry section on the UNFCCC CDM website (EB 69, Annex 2, paragraphs 4-13).


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