Submitting a new methodology

The CDM-NM form must be submitted along with the CDM-PDD to allow the Meth Panel to assess the application of the proposed methodology to the proposed project activity. This is set out in both the Guidelines for completing the CDM-NM (EB 41, Annex 12) and the Procedure for submission and consideration of a proposed new baseline and monitoring methodology for large scale CDM project activities (EB 52, Annex 9), which replaced EB 38, Annex 3.

If project participants intend to propose a new baseline or monitoring methodology for consideration and approval by the Executive Board, they shall prepare the current methodologies forms for baseline and monitoring methodologies (CDM-NM) along with a draft project design document (CDM-PDD) and as a minimum, complete sections A to C, including relevant annexes, following it respective current guidelines (EB 32, Annex 13, Part 2, paragraph 5).

If several new methodologies are being used by a single proposed project activity, a separate CDM-NM form is required, but these can be submitted together with the CDM-PDD:

Each proposed new baseline and monitoring methodology should use a separate "CDM-Proposed New Methodology form" (CDM-NM). The CDM-NM form for several new methodologies may be submitted together with the same CDM-PDD for several components of a proposed project (EB 41, Annex 12, Part III, paragraph 2(a)).

The forms are submitted by the project participants to a DOE, which then:

  1. checks the completeness of the documents;
  2. completes the CDM: Proposed new methodology form (form F-CDM-PNM); and
  3. submits them along with information on payment of the submission fee.

The forms are then submitted by the DOE to the UNFCCC Secretariat.

Application fee

A non-refundable fee of USD 1000 is payable by project participants when submitting a new methodology to the UNOG General Fund. However, where the Executive Board approve the PNM, the USD 1000 is deemed to be a prepayment of the registration fee payable by project participants in respect of their first project applying the approved PNM (or a prepayment of share of proceeds, whichever is applicable):

In addition to the documents listed above, project participants shall pay a non-refundable submission fee of USD 1,000 to the UNOG General Fund (bank account details are provided by the secretariat upon request). If the Board approves the PNM, the USD 1,000 is deemed a pre-payment of the registration fee to be paid by project participants with the application for registration of their first project applying the approved PNM, or a pre-payment of share of proceeds, as applicable. (EB 52, Annex 9, paragraph 7).



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