What is issuance?

Issuance of certified emissions reductions (CERs) refers to the creation of CERs which correspond to greenhouse gas emission reductions or greenhouse gas removals which have been generated, verified and certified in respect of a CDM project activity.

In general, the same procedures for issuance of CERs apply to a Programme of Activities (PoAs) as for standard CDM projects:

The procedures for verification, certification and request for issuance of certified emission reductions (CERs) as referred to in paragraphs 62, 63 and 64 of Decision 3/CMP.1 and the procedures for review of requests for issuance of CERs as contained in Annex IV to Decision 4/CMP.1 and subsequent related decisions of the Executive Board shall apply unless modified through the provisions below (EB 32, Annex 39, paragraph 18).

Note that the "Procedure for Review of Requests for Issuance of CERs" (EB 64, Annex 4), which describes the process that needs to be undertaken when a review of a request for issuance is requested, replaced Annex IV to decision 4/CMP.1. Furthermore, procedures for submitting a request for issuance, and finalising a request for issuance that does not receive a request for review, are provided in the "Procedures for Requests for Issuance of CERs" (EB 54, Annex 35).

The designated operational entity (DOE) requests issuance by submitting the F-CDM-POA-REQCERS form, and must identify each component project activity (CPA) to which the request relates:

A DOE shall request issuance of CERs for a PoA by submitting the "CDM form to submit verification and certification reports and to request issuance for a PoA"(F-CDM-POA-REQCERS) via a dedicated interface on the UNFCCC CDM website. The request shall identify the CPAs covered and the monitoring period verified for each CPA. The periods verified for each CPA shall be consecutive. A request for issuance shall relate to the certified emission reductions verified as per above (EB 32, Annex 39, paragraph 22).

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