What is verification?

Verification is defined in the Glossary of CDM Terms as follows:

Verification is the periodic independent review and ex post determination by a DOE of monitored reductions in anthropogenic emissions by sources of GHG that have occurred as a result of a registered CDM project activity or PoA (Glossary of CDM Terms v.6).

The objective of CDM verification is that the designated operational entity (DOE) shall conduct a thorough, independent assessment of the registered project activities. Essentially, verification is the process of confirming the authenticity of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by a Programme of Activities (PoA) and each component project activity (CPA) over a defined period of time (a verification period). In order to do this, a CPA's emission reductions are monitored and the monitoring data for a verification period is reviewed and assessed.

The verification process also involves an assessment of the PoA's compliance with the CDM rules:

The DOE shall assess and determine whether the implementation and operation of the project activity, and the steps takes to report emissions reductions comply with the CDM criteria and relevant guidance provided by the Board. This assessment shall involve a review of relevant documentation as well as an on-site visit(s) (Clean Development Mechanism Project Standard, paragraph 210).

The DOE's verification report must include a description of how the verification methodology stipulated in the CDM-POA-DD was applied, including how site visits were undertaken:

The DOE conducting the verification shall include in its verification report a description of how it applied the methods/procedures for the purpose of verification stipulated in the registered CDM-PoA-DD. The DOE shall include in its verification report a description/justification of the site visits undertaken (Clean Development Mechanism Validation and Verification Standard, paragraph 294).

Unless an exception is expressly granted by the Executive Board, a DOE shall not perform verification functions on a project activity for which it has performed the function of validation/registration.

The verification report is to be made publically available on the UNFCCC CDM website (Validation and Verification Standard, paragraphs 207-208).

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