Registration fee

Registration of a Programme of Activities (PoA) will incur a fee:

The registration of a PoA and/or the inclusion of CPA [sic] shall be subject to the payment of fees (EB 32, Annex 38, page 1).

However at EB 33, the board decided that no registration fee is payable on CDM Programme Activities (CPAs) which are added subsequently to Registration of the Programme of Activities:

The Board clarified that the registration fee for a PoA is based on the total expected annual emission reductions of the CPA(s) that will be submitted together with the request for registration of the PoA. The calculation of the amount to be paid and the procedures for payment will follow mutatis mutandis the existing rules for the payment of a registration fee (annex 35 to EB 23 Report). For each CPA which is included subsequently, no fee is to be paid. Fees are to be paid by the coordinating/managing entity to the secretariat (EB 33, paragraph 60).

Furthermore, proposed PoAs hosted in least developed countries are not subject to a registration fee. Nor are registration fees payable until after the date of the first issuance of CERs in countries with fewer that 10 registered CDM project activities (Project Cycle Procedure v.2, paragraphs 4-5).

CERs issued to a Programme of Activities will still be subject to the Share of Proceeds provisions when issued. These provisions are available in Appendix 1 of the Project Cycle Procedure v.2.

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