Establishing a boundary for a CDM Programme Activity

A Programme of Activities (PoA) can occur across multiple countries and can include a large geographic area. The exact geographic area that is covered by each individual component project activity (CPA) registered under the PoA depends on the type of project and the methodology applied, as indicated by previous guidance:

The applied approved methodology shall define whether the CPA is undertaken in a single facility/installation/land or undertaken in multiple facilities/installations/land (EB 32, Annex 38, page 1).

However, it is clear that the Executive Board envisages very different project boundaries to apply to different types of emissions reduction activities and that the boundary of some CPAs can encompass a large geographic area, as the former Guidance on the registration of project activities under a programme of activities as a single CDM project activity demonstrated:

For example using an approved methodology a CPA could be a single mini hydro or using another approved methodology be a large area (e.g. city region) over which efficient light bulbs are installed at households etc (EB 32, Annex 38, page 1, note 1).

The Executive Board has also clarified that, in completing the Programme of Activities Design Document (CDM-POA-PDD), the boundary must be defined:

Taking into consideration all applicable national and/or sectoral policies and regulations within that chosen boundary are reflected in the termination of the baseline (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 6(b)).

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