What is additionality?

In the context of a Programme of Activities (PoA), the requirement of additionality means that both the PoA itself and each component project activity (CPA) would not have been implemented, or would not have been implemented to the same extent, without registration under the CDM.

In relation to assessing additionality for the PoA, the coordinating/managing entity (CME) must demonstrate:

That in the absence of the CDM (i) the proposed voluntary measure would not be implemented, or (ii) the mandatory policy/regulation would be systematically not enforced and that non-compliance with those requirements is widespread in the country/region, or (iii) that the PoA will lead to a greater level of enforcement of the existing mandatory policy/regulation. This shall constitute the demonstration of additionality of the PoA as a whole (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 6(e)).

Additionality must also be considered at the level of individual CPAs. The criteria for demonstration of additionality for each CPA must be outlined in both the Programme of Activities Design Document (CDM-POA-DD) and the in the CPA Design Document (CDM-CPA-DD). For example, PoAs that include microsale projects as a CPA shall include eligibility criteria derived from all the relevant requirements of the Guidelines for demonstrating additionality of microscale project activities. Essentially, this is aimed at ensuring that each CPA will produce credible emission reductions or abatement. For PoAs involving combinations of technologies, measures or methodologies, the eligibility criteria relevant to each of them shall be proposed to demonstrate additionality (EB 63, Annex 2, paragraph 12).

The CME is responsible for demonstrating that compliance with the additionality-related eligibility criteria set in the CDM-POA-DD will ensure that all the relevant additionality-related guidelines, tools or any requirements embedded in the methodology(ies) are met. The CME is also required to document the compliance with the eligibility criteria in each of the CDM-CPA-DDs.

Evidence must be included within the CDM-POA-DD to show that all CPAs will produce net greenhouse gas emissions abatement or sequestration:

Pursuant to paragraph 20 of decision 7/CMP.1 project activities under a programme of activities (PoA) can be registered as a single clean development mechanism project activity provided that approved baseline and monitoring methodologies are used that, inter alia, define the appropriate boundary, avoid double counting and account for leakage, and ensure that the emission reductions or net anthropogenic removals by sinks are real, measurable and verifiable and additional to any that would occur in the absence of the project activity (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 1).

For CPAs which are stationary (for example, a small hydropower plant), the guidance suggests "localisation" by providing a geographic reference. In the case of mobile CPAs it is suggested that registration numbers and GPS devices be used to keep track of their location. Tracking the location of the CPA helps to prevent the CPA being registered twice under the CDM process and also allows for monitoring and auditing of the PoA.

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