Project participants in a Programme of Activities

Entities involved in implementing the Programme of Activities (PoA) and listed on the Programme of Activities Design Document (CDM-POA-DD) are project participants. Project participants are registered in relation to the PoA, and need not be involved in any CDM Programme Activity (CPA) within that PoA.

Conversely, most of the entities involved in implementing an individual CPA will not be project participants in the PoA, and there is indeed no requirement that they be project participants (EB 47, Annex 29, paragraph 6). It is possible for the coordinating or managing entity to be the only Project Participant in the Programme of Activities. There are no project participants registered for individual CPAs, although the entities responsible for the CPA are listed on the CDM-CPA-DD.

As with CDM project activities, the Executive Board leaves the relationship between the coordinating/managing entity and any other project participants as a matter to be determined between themselves, usually through contract. Project participants will negotiate with the coordinating/managing entity in relation to communications with the Executive Board and distribution of CERs and in accordance with the general rules:

The latest version of the "Procedures for modalities of communication between project participants and the CDM Executive Board" shall apply, with the exception that the coordinating/managing entity shall be either sole or joint focal point for each area of communication (EB 47, Annex 29, paragraph 9).

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