Monitoring report

During verification and certification a monitoring report is produced to document the GHG emission reduction or net GHG removals achieved within the corresponding monitoring period.

The coordinating/managing entity (CME) is responsible for maintaining all monitoring reports:

The coordinating/managing entity shall:

  1. Maintain all monitoring reports of all CPAs in accordance with the record keeping system identified in the POA-DD.
  2. Make available all monitoring reports requested by a DOE for verification purposes (Clean Development Mechanism Project Standard, paragraph 233).

When completing a monitoring report form, Project Participants should follow the "Guidelines for completing the monitoring report form (CDM-MR)". The CME shall provide all necessary information and documentation to demonstrate compliance of the implemented registered Programme of Activities (PoA) and monitored GHG emission reductions or net GHG removals with all applicable requirements in the CDM Project Standard and other CDM rules and requirements (Clean Development Mechanism Project Standard, paragraphs 198-199).

The CME must enter into a contractual arrangement with a designated operational entity (DOE) to verify the monitoring report and must submit to the DOE the monitoring report together with supporting documentation (Clean Development Mechanism Project Standard, paragraphs 200-201).

The DOE is required to make these available:

The DOE shall:...

  1. Make all monitoring reports received from the coordinating/managing entity immediately publicly available on the UNFCCC CDM website (EB 32, Annex 39, paragraph 20).

It shall also determine whether the monitoring plan used in compiling the monitoring report for a CPA is in accordance with the approved monitoring methodology, including applicable tool(s) (Clean Development Mechanism Validation and Verification Standard, paragraph 131).

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