Monitoring plan

A Monitoring Plan for a Programme of Activities (PoA) is defined in the CDM Glossary of Terms as follows:

Monitoring Plan shall include description of the proposed statistically sound sampling method/procedure to be used by DOEs for verification of the amount of reductions of anthropogenic emissions by sources or removals by sinks of greenhouse gases achieved by CPAs under the PoA. In case the coordinating/managing entity opts for a verification method that does not use sampling but verifies each CPA (whether in groups or not, with different or identical verification periods) a transparent system is to be defined and described that ensures that no double accounting occurs and that the status of verification can be determined anytime for each CPA (CDM Glossary of Terms, v.3).

The coordinating/managing entity (CME) is responsible for developing and providing a description of the monitoring plan for a component project activity (CPA) and indentifying the monitoring provisions and data parameters that a CPA has to apply/monitor in accordance with the selected methodology and all other applicable CDM rules and requirements. The details of this monitoring plan should be included in the CDM-PoA-DD (Clean Development Mechanism Project Standard, paragraph 156).

In general, the monitoring plan shall include all the data, parameters and related information required by the selected methodology(ies). Specifically the monitoring plan must include the following:

  1. The operational and management structure to be put in place to implement the monitoring plan;
  2. Provisions to ensure that data monitored and required for verification and issuance be kept and archived electronically for two years after the end of the crediting period or the last issuance of CERs, whichever occurs later;
  3. Definition of responsibilities and institutional arrangements for data collection and archiving;
  4. Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures;
  5. Uncertainty levels, methods and the associated accuracy level of measuring instruments to be used for various parameters and variables;
  6. Specifications of the calibration frequency of the measuring equipments. In cases where neither the selected methodology, nor the Board's guidance specify any requirements for calibration frequency for measuring equipments, project participants shall ensure that the equipments are calibrated either in accordance with the local/national standards, or as per the manufacturer's specifications. If local/national standards or the manufacturer's specifications are not available, international standards may be used (Clean Development Mechanism Project Standard, paragraph 56).

If the CME utilizes sampling for the determination of parameter values for calculating  GHG emissions reductions, the CME must develop and describe the sampling plan in accordance with the "Standard for sampling and surveys for CDM project activities and programme of activities" (Clean Development Mechanism Project Standard, paragraph 155).

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