What is monitoring?

Monitoring is defined in the CDM Glossary of Terms as follows:

Monitoring refers to the collection and archiving of all relevant data necessary for determining the baseline, measuring anthropogenic emissions by sources of greenhouse gases (GHG) within the project boundary of a CDM project activity and leakage, as applicable (CDM Glossary of Terms, v.3).

The Guidance on the registration of project activities under a programme of activities as a single CDM project activity (EB 32, Annex 38) states that emission reductions or removals must be monitored by participants, in accordance with the registered monitoring plan:

The emission reductions or net anthropogenic removals by sinks of each CPA shall be monitored as per the registered monitoring plan according to the methodology applied to the registered PoA. The method or approach used to verify emission reductions or removals by sinks (that may include random sampling) shall ensure the accuracy of these emission reductions (EB 32, Annex 38, paragraph 13).

The particular monitoring strategy that a Programme of Activities (PoA) employs is determined by the relevant methodology for that particular project type. However, a coordinating/managing entity (CME) may propose a new methodology relevant for their particular PoA which is subject to Board approval (Clean Development Mechanism Project Standard, paragraph 151).

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