Adding a Component Project Activity

When registering a Programme of Activities (PoA), the coordinating/managing entity (CME) is only required to provide a completed CDM-CPA-DD for one component project activity (CPA).

This means that at the time of registration, only one CPA needs to be registered alongside the Programme of Activities.

A CPA can be included in a registered PoA at any time during the duration of the PoA. The CME must first ensure that the CPA and the specific CDM-CPA-DD meets the requirements determined in the  POA and its generic CDM-CPA-DD. Then, the CME must forward the completed specific CDM-CPA-DD form to any DOE. More than one specific CDM-CPA-DD may be forwarded at one time (Project Cycle Procedure v.1, paragraph 110).

The full procedures for adding a CPA to a registered Programme of Activities is set out in Procedures for Registration of a Programme of Activities as a Single CDM Project Activity and Issuance of Certified Emission Reductions for a Programme of Activities (v.4.1) (EB 55, Annex 38), and can be accessed here.

In order to add a CPA, the designated operational entity (DOE) will check that the CPA is consistent with the overall PoA:

This DOE shall scrutinize the information in the CDM-CPA-DD against the latest version of the PoA and documentation requirements and, if consistency/integrity is confirmed, include the proposed CPA(s) in the registered PoA by uploading the CDM-CPA-DD to the CDM Executive Board via uploading it through a dedicated interface on the UNFCCC CDM website. Such uploads shall be grouped and not occur more frequently than once per month (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 24).

The CME is responsible for initially developing eligibility criteria for the inclusion of CPAs in a PoA. The CME is also responsible for ensuring that the potential CPA meets all requirements of the eligibility criteria before it is included.

The CME shall also develop and implement a management system that includes the following:

a.    Clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of personnel involved in the process of inclusion of CPAs, including a review of their competencies made available to the DOE at the time of validation of the PoA;

b.    Records of arrangements for training and capacity development for personnel made available to the DOE at the time of validation of the PoA;

c.    Procedures for technical review of inclusion of CPAs made available to the DOE at the time of validation of the PoA;

d.    A procedure to avoid double counting (e.g. to avoid the case of including a new CPA that has already been registered either as a CDM project activity or as a CPA of another PoA);

e.    Records and documentation control process for each CPA under the PoA, made available to the ODE at the time of request for inclusion of the CPA;

f.    Measures for continual improvements of the PoA management made available to the DOE at the time of validation of the PoA;

g.    Any other relevant elements (EB65, Annex 3, paragraph 9).

The DOE is required to confirm the eligibility of CPAs and where applicable may undertake sample-based checks in accordance with approved guidelines/standards from the Board. (EB65, Annex 3, paragraph 18).

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