Relevant rules/decisions

3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 37 sets out the full requirements for CDM projects.

EB 23, Annex 5 clarifies hydroelectricity plants with reservoirs must meet certain power density thresholds to minimise the risks associated with scientific uncertainty concerning greenhouse emissions from reservoirs.

7/CMP.1, paragraph 20 provides that local/regional/national policies or standards cannot be considered as CDM project activities, but may registered as a single CDM project activity under a programme of activities.

EB 23, paragraph 80 provides that eligibility of projects shall be based only on measurable emission reductions which are directly attributable project activities.

EB 32, paragraph 86 reaffirms the importance of HFC 23 destruction as a measure to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and HFC 23 destruction projects remain eligible for inclusion in the CDM.

EB 30, paragraph 14 confirms that project activities claiming CERs from the production of biofuels only, while not taking into account consumers (end-users) of these biofuels, are not eligible as CDM project activities

1/CMP.2, paragraphs 29 and 30 clarifies that project activities involving switching from non-renewable to renewable biomass are currently not eligible for CDM approval.

EB 35, paragraph 22 determines that emission reductions due to the use/consumption of a product produced in a project activity are only eligible for inclusion as CDM project activities if the users and/or consumers are included in the project boundary and monitoring is undertaken of the product's actual use or consumption, and its location.

EB 78 Annex 3 contains amendments to Version 5.0 of the CDM Project Standard in relation to carbon dioxide capture and storage project activities.

EB 78 Annex 4 contains amendments to Version 5.0 of the CDM Validation and Verification Standard.

EB 78 Annex 5 contains amendments to Version 5.0 of the CDM Project Cycle Procedure.