Corrective Action Request

A Corrective Action Request (CAR) is a request raised by the DOE during validation when there has been a mistake, the CDM requirements have not been met or there is a risk the emissions cannot be monitored or calculated.

The DOE shall raise a corrective action request (CAR) if one of the following occurs:

  1. The project participants have made mistakes that will influence the ability of the project activity to achieve real, measurable additional emission reductions;
  2. The CDM requirements have not been met;
  3. There is a risk that emission reductions cannot be monitored or calculated (EB 44, Annex 3, paragraph 35).

During verification a CAR must be raised if there has been non-conformities with monitoring requirements, mistakes have been made in calculating emission reductions or FARs raised at validation have not been resolved.

The DOE shall raise a CAR if one of the following occurs:

  1. Non-conformities with the monitoring plan or methodology are found in monitoring and reporting, or if the evidence provided to prove conformity is insufficient;
  2. Mistakes have been made in applying assumptions, data or calculations of emission reductions which will impair the estimate of emission reductions;
  3. Issues identified in a FAR during validation to be verified during verification have not been resolved by the project participants (EB 44, Annex 3, paragraph 182).

CARs must be resolved before the DOE recommends the project activity for registration or issuance. This can only be done if the project participants modify the project design or provide additional explanations to satisfy the DOEs concerns.

All CARs raised must be reported on in the relevant validation and verification reports.

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