Project boundary (P and CPA)

The project boundary for large-scale projects and large-scale CDM programme activities (CPA) within a programme of activities (PoA) is defined as the limits of the project, from the perspective of calculating emission reductions and anthropogenic emissions from sources:

The project boundary shall encompass all anthropogenic emissions by sources of greenhouse gases under the control of the project participants that are significant and reasonably attributable to the CDM project activity (3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 52).

The Methodologies Panel (Meth Panel) is currently working on specific proposals for consideration by the Executive Board on how to operationalise the terms "under the control of", "significant" and "reasonably attributable". Pending decisions on these terms by the Executive Board, project participants are invited to explain their interpretation of the terms when submitting a new methodology (CDM Glossary of Terms, Version 03).

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