Modalities and Procedures

The modalities and procedures (M&P) are the rules that govern the CDM that were adopted by the Conference of the Parties (COP) at COP 7 in Marrakesh in 2001 and later adopted by the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP/MOP) at COP/MOP in Montreal in 2005 in the Annex to Decision 3/CMP.1.

That decision, 3/CMP.1 dictates that a review of the M&P for the CDM is to be conducted by the CMP at its ninth session. In preparation for that meeting, due to be held in Poland at the end of 2013, the Executive Board at its 72nd meeting released its 'Recommendations to the Subsidiary Body for Implementation: Possible changes to the CDM modalities and procedures.'

Input was received from stakeholders, the secretariat and individual Board members in the lead up to EB 72. The Board made 22 recommendations on how the M&P should be changed by the CMP. These included:

  1. The consolidation of the existing four sets of CDM M&P for the different project types into one document;
  2. The expansion of the CDM M&P to include a section to clearly express and elaborate the host Party's responsibility to oversee the CDM aspects of the project activities and PoAs;
  3. The determination of the feasibility of allowing single project activities to be hosted in more than one Party;
  4. The inclusion of express reference to the rules developed in relation to programmes of activities (PoAs); and
  5. The strengthening of requirements for the designated operational entity (DOE) to validate that appropriate stakeholder consultation has been undertaken by project developers. (EB 72, Annex 2)

A meeting of the subsidiary body for implementation (SBI) in June 2013 will consider the Board's recommendations with the view of integrating them into proposed changes to the M&P that will be put to the CMP in Poland.

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