Are project participants notified when CERs are issued and forwarded to their accounts?

The Executive Board's Registration and Issuance Team (EB-RIT) has stated in informal communications that the focal point will be sent an email message at the time that CERs are issued into the pending account of the Executive Board.

Then, when CERs are forwarded to the temporary holding accounts of project participants in the CDM registry (as instructed by the focal point), the CDM registry administrator will notify the primary representative of that account by facsimile and post.  This notification will contain:

  • Confirmation of the number of CERs that have been transferred;
  • The transaction number and date of the transaction;
  • The project ID for which the CERs were issued; and
  • The serial range of the issued CERs.

The same notification may or may not be provided by national registry administrators upon receipt of CERs in the national registry accounts of project participants (having been forwarded from temporary holding accounts or the Executive Board's pending account).  Whether such notification is provided is at the discretion of each national registry administrator.