If the Meth Panel or A/R WG requests clarifications of a proposed new methodology, how soon must these clarifications be provided?

The summary recommendation form requires the Meth Panel to reach an overall recommendation of either ‘A', ‘B' or ‘C', where:

  • ‘A' means approve this proposed methodology with minor changes;
  • ‘B' means reconsider this proposed methodology, subject to required changes and clarifications; and
  • ‘C' means not approve the proposed methodology.

The recommendation forms are only forwarded to the Executive Board once the methodology has received an ‘A' or ‘C' classification. If a ‘B' classification is awarded, the preliminary recommendation is sent to the proponents and further information is requested:

  1. The Meth Panel shall, through the secretariat, copying the DOE, forward its preliminary recommendation to project participants.
  2. Within a timeframe stipulated by the Chair of the Meth Panel (but not exceeding 4 weeks), after the receipt of the preliminary recommendation of the Meth Panel by the project participants the project participants may submit (copying the DOE), clarifications to the Meth Panel, through the secretariat, on technical issues concerning the proposed new methodology raised in the preliminary recommendation by the Meth Panel. Technical clarifications provided by the project participants shall include the revisions, in the form for baseline and monitoring methodologies (CDM-NM) in a highlighted form (EB 37, Annex 1, paragraph 17).

If clarifications are not received within three (3) months, the proposal for a new methodology will be considered to have been withdrawn:

If project participants do not provide clarification related to preliminary recommendation by the Meth Panel within the timeframe of three (3) months, the case will be considered as withdrawn (EB 37, Annex 1, paragraph 17(e)).