What is required to add a new project participant?

The UNFCCC Secretariat has confirmed that a new letter of approval is required from the relevant designated national authority (DNA) when a new project participant is added (whether this takes place before or after registration).  This includes both the replacement of a project participant with another entity, or the addition of a new entity as a project participant (in addition to the existing project participants).

The letter of approval should authorise the participation of the new project participant in the CDM project activity, as required in the original letter of approval.

The letter of approval must be issued by the host Party for a replacement host Party project participant, and by the relevant Annex I Party for a replacement or additional Annex I project participant.

For host Parties that list Annex I project participants in the host Party letter of approval, the addition or replacement of an Annex I project participant prior to registration will require a new host Party letter of approval in addition to a new Annex I Party letter of approval.  This is because if the project design document (PDD) and the host Party letter of approval do not list the same project participants, and the Executive Board will not register the project.

The position is summarised in the table below:

Pre-registration Post-registration
  Host Party LoA? Annex I Party LoA? Host Party LoA? Annex I Party LoA?
New host Party project participant Χ Χ
New Annex I project participant ? Χ

For projects that are already registered, the following information is also required:

  • A letter indicating the intention to add a new project participant:
    • from the focal point (if the focal point has full delegated authority to add and remove project participants); or
    • from all project participants (if the focal point does not have authority to unilaterally add and remove project participants); and
  • Updated contact details of all project participants, in the same format as they were originally in the PDD.

For projects that are not yet registered, this information should simply be added to the PDD.