Role of the DOE

The process of verification is performed by a designated operational entity (DOE).

A DOE may only perform either validation or verification and certification in respect of a single CDM project activity, unless the Executive Board specifically approves a request to allow a single DOE to perform all these functions:

A designated operational entity shall:

  1. Perform one of the following functions relating to a given CDM project activity: validation or verification and certification. Upon request, the Executive Board may, however, allow a single designated operational entity to perform all these functions within a single CDM project activity (3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 27(e)).

In addition, the DOE that submits the request for a renewed crediting period may not perform verification for the renewed crediting period:

Any DOE can be selected by project participants to perform this task, however for large scale projects the DOE that submits the request for renewal of the crediting period shall not perform verification for this the renewed crediting period (EB 36, Annex 43, footnote 2).

When preparing verification reports, DOEs must follow the requirements set out in the Validation and Verification Manual (VVM).

It is a matter for the project participants to select and engage a DOE to perform verification. The project participants have the discretion to decide which accredited DOE to engage and on what commercial terms.

The UNFCCC website includes a list with approved methodologies by sectoral scopes and shows the DOEs which are accredited to conduct verification in each sector.

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