Relevant rules/decisions

3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 44 sets out the requirements of both the baseline methodology and the monitoring methodology, at they are defined in Glossary of CDM Terms, version 03.

3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 38 sets out the procedure for creating a new baseline and monitoring methodology.

EB 10, Annex 1, paragraph 7 clarifies the requirement that a strong link between baseline and monitoring methodologies are to be provided.

EB 35, paragraph 15 provides that once a methodology is approved, it may be used for both CDM project activities and CDM programme activities.

EB 37, Annex 1 sets out the latest procedure for the creation and submission of a new methodology.

EB 41, Annex 12 sets out the guidelines for completion of the CDM-NM.

EB 52, Annex 9 sets out the process for consideration and assessment of new methodologies.

EB 31, Annex 12 provides guidance on requests for clarification of approved methodologies.

EB 37, Annex 5 provides guidance to queries regarding the application of approved methodologies by designated operational entities to the Meth Panel, replacing EB 34 Annex 3, EB 32 Annex 15, EB 24 Annex 15 and EB 20 Annex 6.

EB 27 Annex 10, paragraph 3 sets out the definition of revision of an approved methodology, clarified further in EB 27 Annex 10, paragraph 6.

EB 27 Annex 10 sets out the circumstances when revisions of approved methodologies can be carried out.

EB 24 Annex 30 sets out the procedure for requesting deviations from approved methodologies.

EB 27 Annex 10 sets out the purpose of Consolidation of approved methodologies or approved and proposed methodologies.

EB 49, Annex 28 sets out revised procedures for revising monitoring plans in accordance with paragraph 57 of the modalities and procedures for the CDM.

EB 54, Annex 34 provides guidelines for completing the monitoring report form (CDM-MR).

The Clean Development Mechanism Project Cycle Procedure

The Clean Development Mechanism Project Standard

The Clean Development Mechanism Validation and Verification Standard