Permanent holding accounts

Permanent holding accounts in the CDM registry are established by Host Party project participants to receive certified emission reductions (CERs) for a CDM project activity from the Executive Board's pending account.  They are established at the time of the first issuance of CERs from the project activity.

Applications for holding accounts must be submitted electronically and in hard copy in accordance with the registered modalities of communication for the project activity. Each application shall contain;

  • a completed form to request the opening of a holding account in the CDM registry (F_CDM_registry_account.doc);
  • evidence of the current status of the entity (e.g. certificate of incorporation and letter of good standing in the case of registered companies);
  • evidence that the individual completing the application form has the authority of the legal entity to do so (e.g. power of attorney, resolution of the Board/Governing Body of the entity); and
  • evidence of the identity of the individuals nominated as representatives of the account (e.g. national identity cards/passports) (UNFCCC website).

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