Host Parties

The general eligibility requirements for participation in CDM projects apply to the host parties of PoAs:

These are set out in 3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraphs 28-30:

  1. Participation in a CDM project activity is voluntary.
  2. Parties participating in the CDM shall designate a national authority for the CDM.
  3. A Party not included in Annex I may participate in a CDM project activity if it is a Party to the Kyoto Protocol (3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraphs 28-30).

Although these are set out in the modalities and procedures for large-scale non-forestry projects (3/CMP.1), these participation requirements apply to all project types conducted under the CDM, including PoAs.

A Party that authorises the participation of a public or private entity in the CDM remains responsible for fulfilling its emission reduction obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and must ensure that the entities' participation complies with the rules:

A Party that authorizes private and/or public entities to participate in Article 12 project activities shall remain responsible for the fulfilment of its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and shall ensure that such participation is consistent with the present annex (3/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 33).

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