Project activity with more than one component (SSC)

A project activity with more than one component is defined in the CDM Glossary of Terms as follows:

A single project activity composed of two or more distinct project activities being implemented by the same project participant, each applying an approved category/methodology separate from the other (CDM Glossary of Terms, Version 03).

In general, the term refers to small-scale project activities that contain components from two or more different project types.

The three small-scale project types are mutually exclusive, so project activities that contain more than one component must meet the eligibility criteria relevant to each component.  It is not sufficient that a project activity come within the Type (i) limits for its renewable energy component if it exceeds the Type (iii) limits for its agricultural component:

The Board agreed that the three types of project activities outlined in decision 17/CP.7, paragraph 6 (c), are mutually exclusive. In a project activity with more than one component that will benefit from simplified CDM modalities and procedures, each component shall meet the threshold criterion of each applicable type, e.g. for a project with both a renewable energy and an energy efficiency component, the renewable energy component shall meet the criterion for "renewable energy" and the energy efficiency component that for "energy efficiency" (4/CMP.1, Annex II, paragraph 7).
The Board reaffirmed that, as stipulated in the simplified modalities and procedures for small-scale CDM project activities, the three types of eligible small-scale project activities are mutually exclusive and that project participants submitting new categories of projects should first consider whether these belong to type I (renewable energy projects), to type II (energy efficiency improvements) and, if not eligible under the two previous types, to type III (other small-scale CDM project activities) (EB 20, paragraph 57).

Where a project activity comprises multiple components of the same type, the combined size of the components must not exceed the limits set out above:

The Board agreed that the sum of the size of components of a project activity belonging to the same type (capacity for type I, energy savings for type II and emission reductions for type III) should not exceed the limits for small-scale CDM project activities as stated in paragraph 28 of the decision - /CMP.2 (e.g. the limit for methane recovery component is 60 ktCO2e/yr and the limit for the electricity production component is 15 MW output capacity) (EB 28, paragraph 56).

Finally, in projects with more than one component, the components must input into each other:

Each component of a project activity should receive or provide an input from/to other components of the project activity (CDM Glossary of Terms, Version 03).

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