What is a design document?

The Programme of Activities (PoA) Design Document (CDM-POA-DD) is the key document involved in the validation and registration of a PoA. It is one of the three documents required for a PoA to be registered, along with the validation report from the designated operational entity (DOE) and the letter of approval from the designated national authority (DNA).

The CDM-POA-DD is reviewed by the DOE during the validation process to ensure that a PoA meets the requirements for validation. The CDM-POA-DD is also used as the basis of consultation with stakeholders, which is conducted by making the CDM-POA-DD and related documentation publicly available on the UNFCCC website.

The CDM-POA-DD is then included in the request for registration which is submitted by the DOE to the Executive Board.

The coordinating/managing entity of the PoA is required to develop a CDM-POA-DD for the entire PoA, as well as individual component project activity Design Documents (CDM-CPA-DD) for each component project activity (CPA) within the PoA.

The purpose of the CDM-POA-DD is defined as follows:

A coordinating/managing entity shall develop a Programme of Activities Design Document (CDM-POA-DD) setting a framework for the implementation of the PoA and unambiguously defining a CDM programme activity (CPA) under the PoA (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 6).

The CDM-CPA-DD must use the provisions of the proposed PoA to which it belongs:

The coordinating/managing entity shall prepare the PoA specific CDM Programme Activity Design Document (CDM-CPA-DD) using the provisions of the proposed PoA (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 7).

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