CPA design documents

The CME is responsible for developing component project activities Design Documents (CDM-CPA-DD) for each CPA within the PoA. As is the case with PoA Design Documents, separate CDM-CPA-DD exist for each CPA type, as follows:

  • Large-scale CPAs - CDM-CPA-DD
  • Small-scale CPAs - CDM-SSC-CPA-DD
  • Forestry CPAs - CDM-CPA-DD-AR
  • Small-scale forestry CPAs - CDM-CPA-DD-SSC-AR

A small-scale CPA would be entitled to use the simplified baseline and monitoring methodologies developed for small-scale project activities.

The CPA design documents were adopted at EB 33 (Annex 42 large-scale non-forestry; Annex 44 small-scale non-forestry) and EB 36 (Annex 29 large-scale forestry; Annex 31 small-scale forestry).

The CPA design documents must include the following information:

  1. Geographic reference or other means of identification, name/contact details of the entity/individual responsible for the operation of the CPA;
  2. the Host Party;
  3. Starting date, type (fixed or renewable) and duration of the crediting period of the CPA, taking into account that the starting date of a crediting period of the CPA shall be the date of its inclusion in the registered PoA or any date thereafter and that the duration of the crediting period shall not exceed the end date of the PoA;
  4. Confirmation that the start date of any CPA is not, or will not be, prior to the commencement of validation of the programme of activities, i.e. the date on which the CDM-POA-DD is first published for global stakeholder consultation;
  5. Information stipulated in the PoA for use by each CPA to demonstrate how it meets requirements with respect to:
    1. Fulfilling the eligibility criteria specified in the CDM-POA-DD, including, as appropriate, the demonstration of additionality of the CPA;
    2. Calculations of baseline emissions and estimated emission reductions by sources or removal by sinks of greenhouse gases;
  6. Environmental analysis as per requirements of the CDM modalities and procedures, unless the analysis may be undertaken for the whole PoA as reflected in the CDM-POA-DD;
  7. Information on how comments by local stakeholders were invited, a summary of the comments received and how due account was taken of any comments received, as applicable unless the comments may be sought for the whole PoA as reflected in the CDM-POA-DD; and
  8. Confirmation that the CPA is neither registered as a CDM project activity nor included in another registered PoA (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 7).

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