PoA design documents

Separate Programme of Activities (PoA) Design Documents exist for each PoA type, as follows:

  • Large-scale PoAs - CDM-POA-DD
  • Small-scale PoAs - CDM-SSC-POA-DD
  • Forestry PoAs - CDM-POA-DD-AR
  • Small-scale forestry PoAs - CDM-POA-DD-SSC-AR

A small-scale PoA, for example, is a PoA made up entirely of small-scale component project activities (CPAs).  In this case, each of the CPAs would be entitled to use the simplified baseline and monitoring methodologies developed for small-scale project activities.

The PoA design documents were adopted at EB 33 (Annex 41 large-scale non-forestry; Annex 43 small-scale non-forestry) and EB 36 (Annex 28 large-scale forestry; Annex 30 small-scale forestry).  They can be downloaded here.

The PoA design documents must include the following information:

  1. Identification of the coordinating/managing entity, Host Party(ies) and PoA participants;
  2. Definition of the boundary for the PoA in terms of a geographical area (e.g., municipality, region within a country, country or several countries) within which all CDM programme activities (CPAs) included in the PoA will be implemented, taking into consideration the requirement that all applicable national and/or sectoral policies and regulations within that chosen boundary are reflected in the determination of the baseline;
  3. Description of the policy/measure or stated goal that the PoA seeks to promote;
  4. Confirmation that the proposed PoA is a voluntary action by the coordinating/managing entity;
  5. Demonstration that in the absence of the CDM either;
    1. the proposed voluntary measure would not be implemented; or
    2. the mandatory policy/regulation would be systematically not enforced and that non-compliance with those requirements is widespread in the country/region; or
    3. that the PoA will lead to a greater level of enforcement of the existing mandatory policy /regulation. This shall constitute the demonstration of additionality of the PoA as a whole;
  6. Description of a typical CPA that will be included in the PoA covering the technology or measures to be used, justification of the choice of an approved baseline and monitoring methodology (or combination of approved methodologies) and application of an approved baseline and monitoring methodology;
  7. Definition of the eligibility criteria for inclusion of a project activity as a CPA under the PoA, which shall include, as appropriate, criteria for demonstration of additionality of the CPA, and the type and/or extent of information (e.g. criteria, indicators, variables, parameters or measurements) that shall be provided by each CPA in order to ensure its eligibility;
  8. Starting date and length of the PoA not exceeding 28 years (60 years for A/R);
  9. Description of the operational and management arrangements established by the coordinating/managing entity for the implementation of the PoA, including a record keeping system for each CPA under the PoA, a system/procedure to avoid double accounting e.g. to avoid the case of including a new CPA that has been already registered either as CDM project activity or as a CPA of another PoA, the provisions to ensure that those operating the CPA are aware and have agreed that their activity is being subscribed to the PoA;
  10. Description of a monitoring plan for a CPA, developed in accordance with the approved monitoring methodology, and identification of the monitoring provisions and data parameters a CPA has to apply/monitor;
  11. If the coordinating/managing entity does not wish to have all CPAs verified, a description of the proposed statistically sound sampling method/procedure to be used by DOEs for verification of the amount of reductions of anthropogenic emissions by sources or removals by sinks of greenhouse gases achieved by CPAs under the PoA;
  12. Environmental analysis of the PoA as per requirements of the CDM modalities and procedures. If this analysis is not undertaken for the PoA but is to be done at the CPA level, this shall be described and reflected in the CDM-POA-DD and the CDM-CPA-DD;
  13. If comments by local stakeholders were invited with regard to the total PoA, information on how comments by local stakeholders were invited, a summary of the comments received and how due account was taken of any comments received, as applicable. If such comments are to be sought at the CPA level this shall be described and reflected in the CDM-POA-DD and the CDM-CPA-DD;
  14. In case public funding is used, a confirmation that official development assistance is not being diverted to the implementation of the PoA (EB 55, Annex 38, paragraph 6).

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