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Current to EB 80 - Latest Developments

At EB 80, the Executive Board adopted the revised "Transitional Provisions for implementation of the revised CDM accreditation standard" and the revised "CDM accreditation standard".

The following tools have also been revised (with immediate effect) due to the amendments to, or introduction of, provisions related to PoAs:


  • the CDM project standard;
  • the CDM validation and verification standard;
  • the CDM project cycle procedure;
  • the standard for "Sampling and surveys for CDM project activities and programme of activities"; and
  • the standard for "Demonstration of additionality, development of eligibility criteria and application of multiple methodologies for programmes of activities"

About the CDM Rulebook

The CDM Rulebook is the definitive online database of the CDM rules.  It has been developed by Baker & McKenzie, with funding from eight donor organisations, and is now freely available to the public.

We recommend that users new to the CDM begin with the annotated Article 12 section or the Overview of the CDM. More experienced users can navigate directly to the relevant section, using the flowchart to the right, the tabs above, or the search function. 

The site is updated after each Executive Board meeting and meetings of the COP/MOP.  The overall currency of the site is indicated by the reference to the relevant Executive Board meeting as specified in the far right of the top menu bar ("Current to EBXX").

Please note that there are no hard copy versions of the CDM Rulebook and there is no 'print all' function on the site.  This is both for environmental reasons (to discourage the unnecessary use of paper, since when printed the site is over 1000 pages long) and for currency reasons (the site will be updated monthly after each Executive Board meeting, so a hard copy version would quickly become out of date).



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